The mother from Gostivar who left her seven-month-old baby alone and dehydrated was detained

Yesterday, the police detained 39-year-old EJ from Gostivar, who left her seven-month-old baby alone and without care last week.

After a report to the police, a team of social workers entered a house in Gostivar last week and found a seven-month-old baby in poor health.

- The child was left alone and dehydrated, after which he was transferred to the Gostivar hospital and from there sent to Skopje. The mother has two more children, one at eight and the other at 1,5 years old. Considering that it is a dysfunctional family, a procedure has been initiated for the children and they will be placed in a foster family as soon as possible, according to the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Work.

She was taken to the Penitentiary Institution Zatvor Skopje to serve the measure, and the Center for Social Work informs that the woman will be deprived of her parental rights.


A mother from Gostivar left her seven-month-old baby alone and dehydrated

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