Detained from Therjan, he seduced a minor from Kosovo with the intention of making her fall in love

Photo: Free Press Archive

SVR Tetovo announced that a 27-year-old man was detained yesterday in Tetovo's Tearce on suspicion of "enticing a child under 14 to adultery or other sexual acts". He did it to a minor from Kosovo through social networks.

- Police officers of SVR Tetovo yesterday (August 10) around 17 pm, in Tearce, Tetovo, deprived the 27-year-old M.A. from this village, due to suspicion that he committed "enticing a child under the age of 14 to adultery or other sexual acts". We are talking about a minor from neighboring Kosovo, and the crime, according to the report, was committed through social networks, informs from SVR Tetovo.

The police are working on clearing up and documenting the case, after which MA. a corresponding submission will follow.

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