Detained 62-year-old man from Skopje suspected of killing his mother

A 7.50-year-old resident of Skopje was arrested this morning at 23 am on st. "October 84", on suspicion of killing his XNUMX-year-old mother at her home in the Skopje neighborhood of Aerodrom.

- Police officers from the Aerodrom Police Station today at 7.50 am on st. "October 23", deprived of liberty IT (62) from Skopje due to suspicion that this morning around 6:30 in her home with a sharp object he stabbed his mother VT (84) from Skopje, after which she died, the Ministry of Interior announced.

The death was confirmed by a doctor from the Emergency Medical Service.

After the case is fully documented, an appropriate charge will be filed against him.

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