The private trainees are on strike, but can a real solution be found?!

Photo: MIA

The private trainees started the strike today, it remains uncertain whether they will stop it from tomorrow because the government gave them a new promise that at tomorrow's government session it will be decided whether they will sign a guarantee for higher wages. Doctors hope that a solution will be found. They emphasize that the election process is not an obstacle to fulfilling their demands.

"Unfortunately, we decided on this step because the Ministry of Health is not interested in solving our problems," said Dr. Hristina Ilioska Ceslaroska, a third-year private specialist in internal medicine.

The Minister of Health, Ilir Demiri, believes that the demands of the trainees had a political background, however, after the elections, he would have fought for their demands.

"After the elections, I will fight for a rebalance in the budget and for their incomes to be equal to the incomes of other trainees, who are employed in public health institutions", said Demiri.

And a week ago, after the interns announced a strike, the Ministry of Health announced that after the meeting with them, a report was drawn up and submitted to the Government, where it will be reviewed at one of the sessions in order to see their demands.

During the pre-election period, that is, from when the elections were announced, it is not allowed to sign contracts for salary increases, nor to hire or start projects for which money was not foreseen beforehand. It remains after the elections for the institutions to fight for better working conditions for the private specialists who pay about 10.000 euros each for specialization, and receive only 26.000 denars in salary and do not have health insurance.

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