Private practitioners deliver pizza to survive, have no health insurance and treat each other

The private interns who work at the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center are treated unfairly by the state and the Ministry of Health, they are existentially degraded to the point that some of them deliver pizza to survive, and on top of that, their wages are miserable and their working big liabilities, they don't even have health insurance. In the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center, according to "Sloboden Pechat", there are 400 private interns, and all of them are fed up with working in such unfavorable and third-class working conditions. If the Ministry of Health does not call them to talk, then they will go on strike and will not perform their work tasks. In addition, despite the fact that for some of them there is a real need to be part of the public health institutions, the competitions accept either less suitable personnel from them, or personnel from political parties. The president of the Association of intern doctors, doctor Alexandra Georgieva, says that there is a lot of pressure among colleagues to start a strike, because they cannot survive. The category "private specialist" does not exist anywhere in the world except in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

-Private interns as a status of doctors who pay for their own specialization and are not employed in any state institution does not exist as a concept anywhere in the world except in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Until recently, it also existed in Serbia, but with the latest changes, all private trainees were employed there and that category ceased to exist in Serbia. In Macedonia, the status of a private specialist means a doctor who, since he is not employed, pays for his education 12 thousand euros over 6 years, and receives a salary of 26 thousand denars. His work responsibilities are identical to those of a state specialist with the difference that the state specialist receives a basic salary of 44 thousand denars and paid duty, he is health and pension insured and the state also covers the amount of the specialization to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, he told "Free Press" Doctor Georgieva.

The association where she is the president advocates for the reduction and potential abolition of private specializations because they lead to the destruction of the health care system.

- It is a big illogicality that despite the lack of medical staff, the absorption of this staff in the state health institutions is not happening. Recently, the previous Minister of Health, Fatmir Majiti, stated that all private specialists will be employed, but this promise, like many promises before, failed, leaving private specialists in the lurch once again. The gentleman's agreement between the Ministry of Health and the association was that the salary should be at the level of the average salary paid for a given year in Macedonia, but today, although the salary is 39.998 denars, the salary of private trainees is still 26 thousand denars, emphasizes doctor Georgieva.

As an even bigger problem, the fact that the private trainees emerges they do not have pension insurance, that is, they do not have experience and additionally the last year they don't even have health insurance, that is, they cannot use public health services where they themselves treat patients.

- This irresponsible policy of the health authorities leads to the lack of an idea for filling the capacities of the health system, that is, to map in detail what the needs of the state are, for which type of medical staff in which hospitals and to fill the network. It should be the ultimate goal of the Ministry of Health to preserve public health. We are asking for an urgent meeting with the Minister of Health, Ilir Demiri, to negotiate the new ways of the increase, which we are asking to be parallel to the announced increase of 5 percent for the rest of the health workers. For private trainees, we request that the increase be up to the amount of the average salary in Macedonia. If we are not called by the minister to discuss this problem and no solution is found, then we, the private specialists and the associations, are firmly determined to stop working in the hospitals of the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center and express our dissatisfaction. through a strike in front of the Ministry of Health, adds Georgieva.

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