Private individuals blackmail, insult and create the appearance of chaos, Arsovska says - that's why she didn't negotiate

Protest of private bus operators / Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

"The truth is not on their side and that's why they are blackmailing and insulting," said the mayor of Skopje tonight. Danela Arsovska, commenting on the problem with private bus carriers in Skopje.

"He will not give in to threats and blackmail," said Arsovska in "Top topic" of "Telma"about whether there will be an agreement with the private carriers, who gave a deadline of Friday, or whether they will block traffic in the capital again.

She said that the police are responsible for regulating traffic and that "there is a background that someone wants to create the appearance of chaos."

- How far will we get if everyone who has a vehicle or a bus comes out and blocks it. Everyone will afford the same. This problem requires a systemic solution that does not seem to suit anyone, said Arsovska.

She rejected the private carriers' accusations that JSP owed them a million euros and asked why, if so, a warning was not filed before a lawsuit. The mayor believes that this lack of tolerance is "an indication of something".

Arsovska said that JSP has paid about 156 million MKD to private carriers - 111 million MKD to "Sloboda Avrosov" and 45 million MKD to "Makespress" and that since 2018 tickets have not been sold in private buses.

"Situations have been detected that do not correspond to what is on the ground, and therefore there will be a serious investigation and audit." There are institutions, such as the IRS and the Financial Police, which are responsible for that," the mayor added.

She pointed out that with the new public call for private bus carriers, which was announced by the City of Skopje, "those who want to work and earn an honest living" will be able to apply.

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