The detainee is the buyer of the "Audi" found on fire after the double murder in Bazaar?

Photo: MIA

The murder suspect, whom the authorities announced today, is being held in 48-hour detention, unofficially the buyer of the "Audi" that was found on fire after the double murder, reported "Фокус".

Neither the Criminal Court nor the Public Prosecutor's Office, with the rationale that more details made public could hinder the investigation, confirm that the arrested person is connected to the mafia liquidation of Jeton Krivanjeva и Enes Iseni in "Shisha Bar" in March.

The Audi car was unofficially of Slovenian origin, but was imported to Uroševac, Kosovo. The killers allegedly bought the car from a parking lot in the Kosovo town.

- The judge of the preliminary procedure at the Basic Criminal Court Skopje on 31.05.2023, acting on the proposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office - Skopje, accepted the proposal and imposed a short-term detention on one person for a duration of 48 hours due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that he committed a crime Murder from Art. 123 of the CC.

The double murder in the bar "Shisha Bar" in the Old Skopje Bazaar took place on March 6. Four men dressed in black and masked as phantoms entered the bar, first posing as policemen and shouting "raid", climbed to the second floor of the bar and started shooting. They fired 40 to 50 bullets into the heads and bodies of the two killed and another victim.

Most of the bullets ended up in one of the main leaders of the "Dukandjik" criminal group. Jeton Krivanjeva-Zhiland in Enes Iseinov-Ljaci from the same group, and a small part at the feet of a third person who was sitting with them.

After the murder, an Audi was found on fire, and only fake license plates were left behind.

The names of those killed in the shooting in the Old Skopje Bazaar are known

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