Pristina claims that one of the killed Serbs was Vulin's bodyguard

Photo collage of SP/ EPA/ Profimedia

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Dzheljal Svechlja, announced that one of the three armed Serb attackers, killed on Sunday in the action of the Kosovo police in Banjska near Zvecan, is the bodyguard of the head of the Intelligence Agency in Serbia (BIA), Aleksandar Vulin.

On his Facebook page, Svechlja posted a picture of the murdered Bojan Mijailović, whom he claims accompanied Vulin as a bodyguard during his visit to Kosovo in 2013, as the then minister of interior affairs.

- Yesterday, through video recordings, we proved the presence of the big-time criminal and leader of the terrorist action, Milan Radojicic. Meanwhile, it was confirmed today that one of the murdered, who was also a participant in that act, is Bojan Mijailović, the bodyguard of the head of the Serbian BIA, Aleksandar Vulin, during his visit to the Republic of Kosovo in 2013, Svechlja wrote.

According to the Kosovo interior minister, Serbia as a country is fully involved in the attack against Kosovo.

– For this matter, there is already a formal and structural connection to the involvement of (President of Serbia) Aleksandar Vucic in the attack on September 24 in Banjska near Zvechane: Milan Radojicic, as vice-president of (the party of Kosovo Serbs) Srpska Lista and the bodyguard of Aleksandar Vulin , head of the BIA. Both are also sanctioned on the US blacklist. Both are among the closest people to the president of Serbia, Svechlja wrote.

He says that the facts about Sunday's attack in northern Kosovo, in which a member of the Kosovo police, Afrim Bunjaku, was killed, are proof that Serbia's intentions towards Kosovo have not changed since the time of the former Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic, who died in the custody of the Tribunal. in The Hague in 2006, while on trial for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia.

- Even the biggest optimists who until now lied to themselves about the changes in this country, I believe that these days they have become convinced of the opposite. I want to once again express my gratitude for the endurance of the Kosovo police that day and for their incomparable professionalism, an action in which no civilians were injured, Svechlja said.

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