Today, Pristina is organizing a referendum on the seveot of Kosovo, the Serbs have announced a boycott

In four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, a referendum is being organized today to recall mayors of Albanian nationality, elected last year with the votes of a few percent of the voters, and all Serbian parties in Kosovo have called for a boycott.

The polling stations that will vote for the recall of the mayor in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo were opened this morning at seven o'clock. 39 polling stations should be opened.

46.556 voters have the right to vote, based on the decision of the Central Election Commission. 13.674 citizens have the right to vote in Leposavic, 18.796 in Severna Mitrovica, 6.877 in Zubin Potok, 7.209 in Zvecan. 40.000 ballots were printed for voting.

The directors of the schools in the north of Kosovo refused to hold the voting process in their premises, so alternative solutions were found: the voting is held in the municipal buildings and Albanian schools, and in Zubin Potok in two containers, where last April the mayoral elections. year, 3,5 percent of voters turned out.

All Serbian political parties, including Srpska Lista, called for a boycott of the vote to recall the mayor. For the first time, cameras will be installed at the polling stations, which is the reason for the boycott of the Serbs, as well as the excessive number of voters, i.e. unrenewed lists.

The question that he printed on the ballot first in Albanian and then in Serbian reads: "Do you agree that (name of the mayor) should be dismissed from the position of president of the municipality of (name of the municipality)". It can be answered with "YES" or "NO".

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