The carriers will not block tomorrow, they have given a deadline of Friday

Protest of private bus operators / Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

"Given the information from the Ministry of the Interior that a high-ranking delegation from Germany headed by the president is coming tomorrow, I asked the carriers to show with a gesture that they do not want to damage the reputation of the country and complicate the security protocols - to withdraw from the blockades during the presence of the delegation, i.e. until Thursday, and if no agreement is reached with the City of Skopje and the JSP, they will go out on the streets again on Friday", said tonight the head of "Sloboda Prevoz", Lenin Jovanovski.

He announced that then it will be blocked with all 200 buses and Skopje will be blocked on several roads until the problem is finally resolved.

- Although the right to protest was not disputed even in such circumstances, we still showed awareness and a responsible attitude towards what is the state's interest. The fight continues and it can never be easy, but we will win, most of all because justice is on our side and because we are unique, says Jovanovski.

Today, as he added, private carriers have shown unity and seriousness in their intentions to bring justice to light and draw the attention of the entire public to the problem they are facing.

- After the session of the Council of the City of Skopje, which we attended, we saw that it is more than clear to all the councilors that the incompetence of the mayor and the management of the JSP are the ones that lead to such situations, adds Jovanovski.

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