The president of the Democratic Party of Serbs: The international community is an accomplice in Kurti's terror

Ivan Stoiljkovic, Photo: Facebook

The oppression of the Serbs continues, the violence escalates, the so-called international feigns madness and is an accomplice in the dishonest actions caused by Kurti's terrorizing of the Serbs, Ivan Stoilkovic, Macedonian MP and president of the Democratic Party of the Serbs in Macedonia, wrote on his Facebook profile about the recent events in Kosovo.

"Eternal glory, glory to the Serbian people who, despite the unprecedented terror, survive in the Serbian cradle and do not leave their age-old hearths before the wild beasts of Kurti and the international beasts. Glory to the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija who gave their lives in defense of their homes and native land from the increasing oppression and tyranny by the authorities of the Shiptarian occupation regime. Rest in peace, Albanian policeman. It seems that the so-called the international community deliberately forgets the past shootings of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija or pretends that it is false, and does not even politically sanction the abuse of our people in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let recent events suffice as a warning to them that every shot at KiM is a shot for peace and they have failed to condemn the many past skirmishes or at least show that they are appalled. But it is clear that their goal is to expel the Serbs and that their main story is peace without the Serbs. At the same time, they forget that no occupation lasts forever, so neither does this one," Stoilkovic wrote.

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