The president of the Judicial Council, Pavlina Crvenkovska, submitted her irrevocable resignation: I hope the future president will be eligible for the judicial-business elite

Pavlina Crvenkovska, president of the Judicial Council/Photo: MIA

Pavlina Crvenkovska submitted an irrevocable resignation from the position of president of the Judicial Council.

He submitted his resignation before the beginning of today's 421st session of the Council.

- I am submitting an irrevocable resignation from the position of president of the Judicial Council. You will be informed about the reasons through a press release, said Crvenkovska at the beginning of today's session.

The Deputy President of the Judicial Council, Selim Ademi, said that he was not aware of this decision and interrupted the session.

Immediately afterwards, in a statement to the media, Crvenkovska announced that she was resigning from the position of president of the Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia.

- Immediately after my election to the post, a media chase began with the ultimate goal of my resignation because my choice for president did not suit a group of the judicial-business elite. To this day, the chase has not stopped through the distribution of false information to journalists, and internal processes in the Council, which are of key importance for successfully completed tasks and for the functioning of the judiciary, have been continuously obstructed and deliberately delayed, she states in her resignation.

As Crvenkovska states, it became regrettable that, as she says, "instead of devoting ourselves to activities and reforms and improving the situation in the judiciary, it became more important for someone how to attack me and how to harm the projects".

- The last example of a false briefing to journalists was about the fact that it was my illegal decision to elect a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors, although I neither proposed nor voted for the member of the Judicial Council, Zoran Gerasimoski. I hope that the future president will be eligible for this judicial-business elite. I am grateful to those colleagues who showed respect and supported me in my intentions to change something, but still the Council as a collective body decides which path the judiciary will follow, Crvenkovska states in her resignation.

Crvenkovska remains a member of the Judicial Council.

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