Calculation of Putin's "burns": Prigozhin and Kadyrov fight in public, but hiding behind others

Photo: Ramzan Kadyrov / Telegram

The clash between the "Wagnerists" and the "Kadyrovites" in Russia has grown into a series of serious public arguments these days, but Putin's main "slags" in the war in Ukraine do not personally participate in them - Eugene Prigogine и Ramzan Kadyrov, but their closest collaborators, who have not announced themselves so far.

The skirmish, according to analyzes in the Western media, shows deep mutual contestation and rivalry, and even hints at the possibility of some kind of more serious calculations.

After Prigozhin, the founder of the private army "Wagner", for weeks criticized the first people of the Russian defense, the clash with Kadyrov, which has already been interpreted as a covert clash with Putin personally, was the first to open the speaker of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov and the deputy in the State Duma, Adam Delimkhanov. In a recorded video message, Daudov said Prigogine would have been "placed against a wall" in World War II for spreading panic. One of the reasons that provoked the Chechens is Prigozhin's statement that he "did not know what Kadyrov's Akhmat unit was doing at the front", but the outcry is also related to Prigozhin's recent criticisms, which Chechens now call "lamentaries".

"Don't forget, Zhenya, thanks to whom you have a private military company, planes, helicopters, 50.000 soldiers... If you continue on that path, it will not be good," wrote the first man of the Chechen parliament Daudov on Telegram.

After him, MP Delimkhanov proposed to Prigozhin "to solve the issues face to face". "

"Zhenya, you don't understand what the Akhmat unit is doing?" You don't even need to understand, because you became a blogger and you scream to the whole world because you only have problems, you have no ammunition", says Delimkhanov, who is also on the front.

This was not answered by Prigozhin personally, but by his long-time associate and, according to some sources, the "real" commander and founder of "Wagner", Dmitry Utkin, who was always in the shadows. Utkin was the commander of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces until his retirement in 2013, and already the following year he founded the Wagner mercenary group, named after his military code name.

He has now, in a rare public appearance, expressed his willingness to talk to Daudov "man to man" and stated that "the two have known each other since the first and second Chechen wars" - alluding to the fact that Daudov in the First War fought against Russia, and in the Second he changed sides and fought on the Russian side together with Kadyrov.

About the "reminder" about who was credited for the foundation of "Wagner", Utkin says: "We didn't get airplanes, helicopters and missile systems from you."

"We are already in World War III and I fully agree that certain people should be put up against the wall - for the shame they have caused," Utkin wrote.

Shortly after Daudov and Delimkhanov, he announced himself Apti Alaudinov, the commander of the Chechen special unit Akhmat, who defended that they are "one of the most combative units on the contact line", which he said they achieve "without 50.000 soldiers, without planes, tanks, helicopters and everything that Prigozhin has".

One of the commanders of the "Wagner" with the code name "Zombie", who said that "Wagner employees are outraged by the allegations" and that they "took them as a personal insult". He added that "Wagnerists" are ready to defend "their honor, dignity and justice" with weapons in their hands and "until the last drop of blood".

Prigogine on "tour" of Russia promotes mysterious project of "Wagner"

Russian independent media remind that in the meantime the spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the commander of "Ahmat" Alaudinov talked on Wednesday. It is not known whether Putin also spoke with Prigozhin about the clash and clashes with the Chechens.

Meanwhile, Prigozhin is on a "tour" through Russia. The Russian opposition website "Meduza" states that his statements and behavior in recent weeks resemble that of a political campaign, although Prigozhin himself always claims that he is not involved in politics. Formally, the tour is connected with the presentation of the project "Wagner" - "The Second Front", about which there is still very little information in the public.

In his speeches, Prigogine presents similar theses - that the war will be long, that it is urgently necessary to declare a general mobilization, to introduce good management of the army, to return the death penalty and to shoot deserters. He wants to introduce a planned economy and put military personnel at the head of all military industrial companies so that the death penalty will be applied to them as well.

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