Press at the Prosecutor's Office: Palevski killed Vanja, her father told him that she was going to school alone that day

Photo: Free Press

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, at the press conference regarding the double murder, said that the person on the run is Vanja Gjorchevska's killer, and that he received the information about her going to school alone from her father.

"During the past night, the bodies of the two persons were found under the coordination and guidance of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Although the ending was not as we wanted, to find them alive. The bodies were buried, one in the vicinity of Skopje, the other in the vicinity of Veles. After the measures taken by the police, they were arrested and material evidence was collected. Five people were arrested, three people are in custody, Vanja's father was also arrested, and one person is on the run. The motive is self-interest, where one of the persons in agreement with a family member organized the crime in order to extort money from the mother. It was with that vehicle that the minor was taken in front of the entrance to the residence - informs Spasovski. According to him, Vanja's father shared information with Palevski about the date and time of his daughter's date.

Photo: Instagram/ Ljupco Palevski

He explained that the older person from Veles has nothing to do with the minor, but due to his connections with one of the suspects, his vehicle was taken, and thus the minor was taken from the entrance of the residence after the father previously shared information about the time she was lying alone from home.

"The main organizer and executor who killed the minor with a gun on 27.11.2023 somewhere around 11 o'clock in fear of the evidence that the Ministry of Internal Affairs could obtain, committed this crime. I will do everything to bring this monster to justice as soon as he steps on our soil," said Spasovski.

Spasovski said that the fugitive fled to Belgrade on November 30 in his lawyer's vehicle, from where he left for Bulgaria.

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