Prime Minister Mickoski grabbed a shovel on the very first day

In the pale parliamentary session, SDSM dared and criticized the composition and the government program, in contrast to the constitutive parliamentary session, where it remained silent. The European Front, on the other hand, led by DUI, "slept through" the election of the government cabinet of the new Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski.

With promises of a lot of money and investments that will boost the Macedonian economy, with a statement that he is "forced" whenever he has to, at home and abroad, to use the constitutional name, as well as with a repetition of the "concrete position" that changing the Constitution under Bulgarian dictation there will be no, Hristijan Mickoski, after the transfer of office with the technical prime minister Talat Xhaferi, began his term as 13th Prime Minister. Immediately afterwards, Mickoski laid the foundation stone of a new sports hall in Shtip.

Otherwise, in the pale parliamentary session for the election of the new, 20th Govt in order, SDSM he dared and criticized the composition and the government program in contrast to the constitutive parliamentary session, which he kept silent about. The European front, on the other hand, led by DUI, after strong protests and announcements that it does not accept the winner of the elections to be in the opposition, postponed the election of Mickoski's government cabinet. The leaders Ali Ahmeti, Ziyadin Sela, Menduh Tachi they did not even dare to defend the legitimacy of the winners from the pulpit. Angry due to the fact that they are not part of the Government, as they came out and did not vote for the constitution of the Assembly, they also left the hall this time before the voting of the new composition of "Ilindenska no. 2". 77 MPs voted "for" the government led by Mickoski, 22 MPs from SDSM and the Left voted against.

In his address to the MPs before the Government vote, Mickoski said that he has no time to waste on criticism from the opposition, because they are out of place and do not affect the citizens.

The two-day discussion was reduced to two theses

The two-day discussion of the opposition SDSM reduced it to two theses - the Prespa agreement and restore the name, as well as the French proposal and the negotiation framework.
Mickoski stressed that he accepts the reality and will use the constitutional name in official communication, but not in appearances at home and statements in public, although while he was in opposition he claimed that he would not use the adjective "North." He and the entire government cabinet confirmed this when giving the solemn statement, that is, they swore to respect the laws and the Constitution of Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Regarding the opposition's criticism of the second thesis - the Prespa agreement - that they called one thing and did another, Mickoski called it false and shameful and repeated that while he is the prime minister "this kind of Bulgarian diktat under these circumstances will not pass and there will be no constitutional changes". .

Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

- Here, let me clarify once again that I am like this Bulgarian dictation under these circumstances, while I am prime minister, it will not pass and there will be no constitutional changes, you should be clear about that. You made a mistake, that mistake will cost every single citizen a lot, but it will cost Macedonia the most because then, before entering into such adventures, you should have sat down as I shake your hand, you should have given us a hand and sat down lets talk. Then it would be clear that the thing, as you or someone else imagined it, just didn't work out. People who know me know that my word weighs mountains and these things that I'm telling you, I'm saying them because I believe them and I'm going to say the shameful adjective before the oath because it reminds me personally of the shame you caused to my homeland, my family and my unborn grandchildren and those after them. And yes, I will do everything as long as I am alive politically and as a human being, everything in my power to correct this injustice. Unfortunately, at this moment I am powerless and as a human being I will have to capitulate before you and say that shameful adjective, because it, unfortunately, is part of the law and the Constitution that I have to respect as the head of the government - he said Mickoski.

 Mickoski: The government will raise the standards already in the first 100 days

The new Prime Minister promised that his Government will raise the standards already in the first 100 days, that he will work hard and make sure that the country changes, moves forward, that he will respect the citizens. Mickoski promised hard work, lowering taxes, increasing pensions, over 200 million euros for municipal projects, a billion euros for the Macedonian economy, new foreign investments, free textbooks, a front against corruption, a fight for growth of up to 5 percent of the Macedonian economy, the beginning of capital infrastructure projects as well as other projects.

The opposition SDSM he persistently insisted on an answer whether the new prime minister will use the constitutional name, because he did not mention it in the exposition, but used Macedonia three times and whether there will be Bulgarians in the Constitution, that is, whether the country will continue its European integration path.

Through replicas, The European front и It's worth it they accused each other of who has the legitimacy The Albanians, and the attacks on the minister of inter-community relations were also inevitable Ivan Stoiljkovic.

The thesis of the European Front is that Vredi has no legitimacy and therefore from the pre-election meetings with the Kosovo Prime Minister and leader of Self-Determination Albin Kurti, after the election, they ended up in a pro-Russian and anti-Kosovo government Stoiljkovic. It is worth it, he replied that Stoiljkovic was succeeded by the governments of DUI with VMRO-DPMNE.

The finding of Amar Mecinovic one Left about the composition of the new government. He said that it has all the "previous regimes". For Arben Taravari said he was part of the government of Zoran Zaev, there are ministers from the time of Nikola Gruevski, and even from the time of Branko Crvenkovski. The biggest message from him, as he said, is to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because "it is obvious that the Macedonian state is in danger."

Curiosities of the session for the election of the new Government is that The Assembly for a short time he was without electricity because of the big storm which hit Skopje yesterday. That Mickoski timed the Government's choice so that it would not coincide and not be tied to the religious holiday Funeral home, but again, that's why the weekend dedicated to the new government coincided with The Pride Parade.

Mickovski-Jaferi / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

An interesting detail from the Prime Minister's first working day Mickoski is that the handover function with Xhaferi he was wearing an orange tie, which alludes to the ex-prime minister Nikola Gruevski at the time when VMRO-DPMNE rebranded into portico. Handovers took place yesterday in all ministries, except for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Timcho Mucunski on the very first working day he went to a meeting between the ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union and the countries of the Western Balkans in Luxembourg.
The new government of Mickoski is the third in terms of the number of ministers, the government of Ljubco Georgievski which counted 27 departments, 26 ministries had the government of Nikola Gruevski, while the current one has 24, i.e. Prime Minister, 20 ministerial positions and three without portfolio.

Seven parliamentary seats are vacant

Due to the election of ministers, seven parliamentary seats became vacant, namely five from the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE and two from Vredi. The Parliament will probably verify the mandates of the new MPs who are next on the lists of the two coalitions at tomorrow's session on amendments to the Law on Energy. New MPs from VMRO-DPMNE will be Velika Stojkova-Serafimovska, MP from the previous composition, Sergey Popov, president of the Union of Young Forces, Emilia Angelova, general secretary of the Union of Women, the former deputy minister of culture Dragan Nedeljkovic, as well as Vesna Gjordjieva. Apart from the prime minister, Aleksandar Nikoloski, Vlado Misajlovski, Gordana Dimitrievska-Kochovska Ljupco, Dimovski and Ivan Stoiljkovic replaced their parliamentary positions with ministerial ones.
The parliamentary group of It's worth it, in turn, will strengthen with two more ladies, and Feride Hajiu who replaces the Minister of Environment and Deputy Prime Minister Izet Majiti and Kaltrina Beqiri in the place of the Minister of Social Affairs, Fatmir Limani.

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