The Prime Minister of New Zealand canceled her wedding due to 9 new cases of omicron

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Jacinda Ardern, 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand / EPA-EFE / DAVID ROWLAND

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 41, has canceled her wedding after imposing new epidemiological restrictions on the spread of the covid-19 strain in the community.

New Zealand is introducing mask rules and restricting gatherings as of midnight today, as nine positive cases have shown that the new variant has been transferred locally. It is about a family that returned to Nelson on the South Island after being at a wedding in Auckland on the North Island, but also at other events.

Family members and the flight attendant on the plane were found to be positive for the coronavirus.

As of midnight on Sunday, the island nation will move to a red line under the Covid's protection framework against the spread of the new Omicron strain, which means wearing more masks. Indoor catering facilities, such as bars and restaurants and events such as weddings, will be limited to 100 people. The limit has been reduced to 25 people if the sites do not use vaccine passes, she said Ardern.

The Prime Minister Ardern she told a news conference that red did not mean "locking in" and that residents would still be able to visit family and friends and travel around the country.

She said about her wedding that it will not take place, adding that she is sorry for anyone who has had a similar scenario.

"My wedding will not take place," she told reporters.

When asked what he thinks about the cancellation of the wedding, Jacinda Ardern she said, "This is life."

Ardern did not reveal the date of her wedding.

The Prime Minister concluded that she is no different from thousands of other New Zealanders who have suffered much more severe consequences.

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