The premiere of the documentary film "Concrete Time" will take place in the "Frosina" cinema

The film is produced by "Skopje Film Studio"

The documentary "Time of Concrete" tells the story of Skopje, specifically its architectural and urban history. A special focus is placed on the modern, which follows the city from the beginning of the twentieth century. The brief era of brutalism, when the city experienced its architectural and urban renaissance, is particularly focused.

– What led to this rise at a time when it is the most progressive direction in world architecture? What is its value, aesthetic, architectural, practical and why has it been the subject of political confrontation, identification and antagonism for decades? "Concrete Time" represents an attempt to deconstruct and explain these phenomena - they point out from the film production "Skopje Film Studio".

The movie "Concrete Time" was filmed according to the screenplay by Igor Ivanov and Tomi Salkovski. The author of the narration that guides the film is Zvezdan Georgievski, and the narrator is Nikola Ristanovski. Collaborators of the script are Mishko Ralev and Jordan Minov, the selection and performance of the music is by the pianist Dunja Ivanova.

The director is Igor Ivanov, the cinematographer is Gjorgi Klincharov, the editing is by Dejan Smileski, and the sound design is by Igor Popovski. The producer is Tommy Salkovski.

The premiere of the documentary film "Concrete Time" will be held on April 18, at 20 p.m., in the "Frosina" cinema at the MKC in Skopje. The film was made with the support of the Film Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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