Through dance to inclusion, destigmatization and fight against peer violence

Dancers united this week marks ten years since the formation of the first inclusive dance group. On the occasion of December 3, the Day of Persons with Disabilities, this dance group reminded us of all the activities of the past years and once again put the focus on the scene of persons with disabilities and their endless possibilities. Every year and every show at Dancers united is a journey of passion, inspiration, art and above all a lot of love.

– This jubilee year of Dancers united, we are dedicating it to the psychophysical development of children and young people, to creating new opportunities and platforms for inclusion, actively participating in anti-bullying campaigns and raising awareness and self-confidence among children. Dance is a wonderful tool for destigmatization, combating peer violence and inclusion. We build a community of children and young people who make friends, travel together, win prizes in competitions and encourage them to cultivate team and personal skills. When we started an inclusive group it was purely out of love. To make a place where we are all welcome and where everyone can find themselves, but then we went to the first game where the audience had a very positive reaction and received us very positively. The dancers were finally able to show what we had been learning for years and we decided to make this group professional. And here we are today. The ninth inclusive dance performance and on the occasion of the anniversary we are making a retrospective of all these 10 years that we have been working with them - says Sara Kochan from Dancers united for the portal.

This dance group competes in Latin and Caribbean dances, hip hop and modern ballet. Each style allows young dancers to express themselves in a different way and show their creativity and passion for dance. The dance performance we saw on Tuesday was a reflection of everything this group has achieved together, which is diversity, innovation and pure beauty, which brought everyone together on stage regardless of their differences.

And precisely in those differences is the beauty. And what is especially enchanting is the joy and happiness of all those who participated in this inclusive performance.

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- We are all marginalized in some way and we just need to open the doors and accept those who are a little different from us. I would also say to other colleagues who already work a lot, to try and not have stigmas and fear that it is something different. It's exactly the same. It's very nice and I must say that those of us learn as much as we learn from people with disabilities. When you see someone who struggles to achieve something and not everything was given to them, but they achieved results that many of us will not be able to achieve or even dream of. And when we see that they can, they automatically motivate us and give us an incentive to work harder. It is that total inclusion. The fact that we don't see each other with different eyes. We are all equal. We are all the same and above all we are all friends. – says Sarah.

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