The negotiating framework protects the Macedonian identity, says Kovacevski

Photo: Government of RSM

"Now is the moment to unite, side by side, all of us, to make this decision, for the sake of the future of the present and future generations", said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski in tonight's interview on the "360 Degrees" program of "Alsat".

- This decision is for the citizens of the country, this decision is for the ordinary citizen of the country, for that citizen who gets up every morning and goes to work. This is for those citizens who work in the medical centers in the country, this is for the teachers, this is a decision for the youth, this is a decision for the farmers, this is not a decision for a small group of people who both with the EU and without the EU, they live on a high footing, higher than some EU member countries - said Kovacevski.

He added that the constitutional amendments are foreseen by the negotiation framework.

- The entry into force of the constitutional amendments is regulated in the negotiation framework where it is clearly stated that we have a pure Macedonian language and the negotiation framework is in the Macedonian language. It's public. The negotiation framework protects the Macedonian identity - said the Prime Minister.

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