Oncology staff "burns out", nurses faint, patients wait for hours

Oncology / Photo: / "Free Press" / Slobodan Djuric

At the Oncology Clinic, for the day clinic, we need at least 10 nurses to be hired immediately, because at the moment only 6 nurses are working, including a woman who has cancer, a woman who is pregnant and a woman who fainted recently due to health problems. There are too many patients and the staff is extremely reduced. It is also urgently necessary to disperse the services of other clinics in the interior, because in 2024 alone we have 1.900 new cancer patients. This cannot be achieved like this, every day part of the staff announces their resignation, the director of the Oncology Clinic, Dr. Violeta Klisarovska, told "Sloboden Pechat".

She adds that all the therapies that are administered at the day hospital are those that require hours, sometimes five or six hours, so it happens that there is a huge number of patients at the door, and even patients are rescheduled for the next day. . According to director Klisarovska, the staff works extremely hard and makes superhuman efforts, but she emphasizes that the staff is "burnt out".

It is unclear why the functioning of other oncology departments in the interior of the country is not at a satisfactory level, so patients travel all the way to Skopje to receive therapy. By now, the oncology department in the "8 Septemvri" GOB was supposed to function, but that did not happen. Thus, all cancer patients, both those who have been treated for years, as well as those newly diagnosed, come to the poorly staffed Oncology Clinic. There they wait for hours to get their turn to receive chemotherapy or to see an oncologist. Both patients and employees suffer.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Health has made no effort to provide employment at the Oncology Clinic, either to oncologists or nurses who administer therapy at the day hospital. These staff are in deficit, but staff are employed at the Toxicology Clinic, where it is disputed whether they are needed or not. Patients line up to receive chemotherapy as early as 7 in the morning, as congestion is known to be huge.

The oncology clinic was left without the expertise of Dr. Nino Vasev, because he was removed from his job due to being part of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office. His patients are taken by other doctors. At the beginning of the ministry of Minister Ilir Demiri, he canceled the tender for the procurement of the KATO system of the Oncology Clinic, which is an automated system for the computerized preparation of cytostatics and biological therapy. His reasoning was that the only Serbian company that applied to the public call did not have an electronic signature. Demiri made a scandalous statement that he prefers a Macedonian company to do the installation of the KATO system, even though such a company does not exist in Macedonia.



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