The run over bear was taken to a museum, it probably came down from the Jasen reserve, and entered the highway at the junction near Grupchin

A dead bear
Photo: MIA

The carcass of the bear that was run over the night before yesterday on the Tetovo-Skopje highway near Karpalak has been taken to the Zoo in Skopje, by order of the police, and will probably be embalmed and exhibited in the Natural Science Museum. they say for "Sloboden Pechat" from the Public Enterprise "Macedoniapat". The company says that there is no way the bear could have entered the highway at the place where it was run over, but it most likely got off the Jasen reserve and entered the highway at the junction near Grupcin, which is open, and then freely moved along the roadway for several kilometers until it encountered the car that killed him.

- In the place where the animal was run over, there is no way to enter the Tetovo-Skopje highway. The location is about 200 meters in front of the memorial plaque of the fallen defenders of Karpalak. There is a resilient fence along that entire stretch. Above that stretch is the old Tetovo-Skopje road and there is nowhere for the animal to enter. In that region, the Jasen reserve is nearby, where there are bears, and Shar Planina is also nearby, and it could come via Eredenino, but it is less likely. Around the reserve, it is possible that there is some torn fence or tilted or damaged by snow, so the beast came out. On the other hand, there are elastic or wire fences on our highways, but our interchanges are open. We assume that she got off from Jasen and that she got on the highway at the junction near Grupcin - say "Macedoniapat".

From there, they explain that recently this is the fourth time a bear has appeared in that part of the highway, and this time the animal was killed.

– The unfortunate event, which we at "Macedoniapat" really regret, happened around one o'clock in the morning. The police ordered us to hand over the bear's carcass to the museum near the Zoo, and it will probably be embalmed - the company says.

From there, they add that wild boars are the most trampled of game.

– So far, we have never found a trampled wolf. Of course, there are smaller game animals run over on the highways, such as martens, foxes, rabbits, but we don't find out about them, because they are small animals, they don't damage vehicles and nobody reports them to us. It did not happen that we had deer and roe deer run over. Most often, game is run over on the Mavrovo-Debar road - they say from "Macedoniapat".

The Tetovo police informed yesterday that a 21-year-old driver hit and killed a bear with his car and was injured in the process.

- The event was reported about 40 minutes after midnight that on the Tetovo-Skopje highway, near Karpalak, a "Volkswagen Polo" passenger vehicle with Skopje license plates, driven by 21-year-old V.I. from Sedlarci, municipality of Vasilevo, a bear hit and killed it. In the accident, the driver sustained injuries and was transported to the Tetovo clinical hospital for medical assistance - informed by SVR Tetovo.

In October 2021, a driver from Kichevo hit and killed a bear with his car at night on the Tetovo-Skopje highway, and no one was injured in the accident.

In August 2016, also at night, on the Tetovo-Skopje highway near Karpalak, a Skopje man hit a bear and killed it. No one was injured in this accident either.

Six months ago, also near Karpalak on the Tetovo-Skopje Kumanovo highway Afrim Isufi had a dangerous encounter with a bear. He told the media then that he managed to get out alive and unharmed after a 30-minute drama.

"I was coming from Gostivar, going home to Kumanovo. A few kilometers after passing the first toll booth in Tetovo, I was driving at a normal speed, suddenly my Golf 5 car hit something in front, on the right side. Then my car flew into the air and fell to the ground after a few meters. Somehow I managed to stop the car in the middle of the highway and I see steam coming out of it. At first I thought it must be some wild boar, because it was something very powerful. I got out of the car and see a large animal coming my way. It was terrible and nothing could be seen. I got scared and got into the car, which was badly damaged - Isufi said.


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