The proposed law on amnesty received the "green light" at a government session

Ministry of Justice / Photo: Government of SRM

Proposal Law on amnesty after compliance with the competent institutions goes to parliamentary procedure. The only change that, from what can be seen from the announcement from the Ministry of Justice, was made in the content of the draft law, is the amnesty of persons who have committed a crime in a foreign country and are serving their sentence in the country.

The Ministry of Justice informs today through a written announcement that the draft law on amnesty, which was already in the government session last week, after which it was returned for additional harmonization, received the "green light" at today's session of the government.

The amnesty does not apply to persons who committed the acts subject to the amnesty after September 1, 2023. Out of a total of 2114 prisoners, 286 of them will receive full amnesty, and 996 will receive partial amnesty. The Ministry of Justice announced that there is no amnesty for serious crimes, such as murder and crimes against the state, elections, robbery, sexual freedom, domestic violence and gender-based violence. The offenses that were subject to amendments to the Criminal Code have also been omitted.

VMRO-DPMNE announced that it will block the law with all the democratic tools at its disposal. This year, the persons who did not pay their fines during the covid pandemic were amnestied.

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