The pre-election caravans are peaking - the people (don't) believe the promises

Second day of the pre-election campaign for the parliamentary elections. The holders of the lists for MPs, but also most prominent candidates, are scattering promises to the citizens - what they would do if they received the trust of the people on May 8. The campaign will last until May 6 at midnight - then the citizens will "take a break" from the promises to think "with a cool head" which number they will circle on the ballot.

Grom will advocate for the construction of 5 nursing homes across the country and 10 geriatric centers

The Mother Teresa Nursing Home, which operates as part of the 13 Noemvri Geriatric Center, is the only state nursing home in Skopje and cares for only 75 people. There are only 4 state nursing homes of this type in Macedonia: Skopje, Kumanovo, Bitola, Prilep and Berovo with a total capacity of 650-700 elderly people.

- Macedonia has an urgent need for 15 nursing homes. Another and very serious problem is the Geriatric Centers. In Macedonia, there is only one Geriatric Center in Skopje. The situation is alarming considering that young people are moving out of the country en masse and the population is aging. We will insist on 15 new nursing homes throughout the country and 10 geriatric centers, which would initially be part of the general hospitals, which could free up 30-40 hospital beds for this purpose, which would also provide medical treatment, said Dobrila Andonovska, the holder of the list. on Grom in IE1.

I KNOW: There is no coalition without red lines being defined

The president of ZNAM, Maksim Dimitrievski, who is also a presidential candidate, in connection with the coalition announcements, emphasized that they will not form a coalition until the red lines for Macedonia are signed and defined.

"For us, both are equally the same. In this country of ours, from the 90s onwards, the citizens voted for only once. The independence referendum. And so for 30 years we turn in a circle and see how they make Macedonia a dedicated state, according to their wishes" - he said and added that they are against, and for greater rights, greater salaries, greater pensions, better standards of the citizens.

VMRO-DPMNE promises that the economy and standard of living will be the focus of the Government led by them, if they receive the support of the citizens

The MP candidate from VMRO-DPMNE in the second electoral unit, Bojan Stojanoski, emphasized today that VMRO-DPMNE and the next Government will very seriously support economic entities.

"We foresee in our Platform 1198 the creation of 50.000 new jobs as well as economic growth of five percent. This means that the workers will receive higher salaries, and economic entities will have higher profits", indicated Stojanoski, and emphasized that the economic standard and the economy are a serious focus of the VMRO-DPMNE program.

SDSM says that only with them there is a European future, there is no return to the dark past

"Our country has no other alternative. Our workers and pensioners have no other option for a better life, for a dignified evaluation of their work, for a more secure future for their children and grandchildren", said the vice-president of SDSM, Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, from the pre-election rally of SDSM and the Coalition in Ohrid.

She added that as in the past years the Government led by the SDSM constantly increased pensions and took special care of everyone, so we continue even after May 8.

"Vredi" from Struga: This city is neglected, but it will be the focus of the future government

The reason for the bad situation Struga is currently in, according to the list holder from the VREDI coalition of IE5, Salim Suleimani, is the lack of involvement of the institutions. He promised that Struga will be the focus of the future government.

"I, as the next deputy in the Parliament of Macedonia, will commit to Struga being in the center of attention for investments and development of tourism, economic and infrastructural development," says Salim Sulejmani.
The representative of Self-Determination in Macedonia, Bekim Qoku, also spoke, who said that the most beautiful city cannot be the most corrupt and added that the will of Struzhans is not easily corrupted.

DUI and European Front: Mickoski forms an alliance with pro-Russian and anti-Albanian parties

VMRO and Mickoski officially declare a coalition with Apasiev's Left party and Dimitrievski's ZNAM, two parties closely connected to Moscow and various pro-Russian circles, and known for their anti-Albanian positions, react with a statement from the European Front coalition.

"At a rally in Ohrid, Mickoski demanded Macedonian national unity, without other ethnic groups in the country, so that, as he said, the country would be taken out of the hands of the Albanians. The European Front reminds Mickoski that North Macedonia has long since followed the path of equality, democracy and membership in the large European DUI family and the European Front, as a multi-ethnic front in North Macedonia, will not allow the country to return to international isolation, and that will be sealed on April 24 and May 8, when Dr. Bujar Osmani will be elected president, and the European Front will be the key to forming the future Government. At the same time, we call on the Albanian opposition to wake up and align with the pro-Europeans and not become a tool of the Russian circles in the country," the reaction states.

Left: This time, the Macedonian people have their own plan

The President of the Left, Dimitar Apasiev, sharing the promotional video for the parliamentary elections on social networks, wrote:

"They have been coming with a plan for power, to take, devastate and steal for decades. They turned the homeland that we love into a laundromat for their black money. And now they will try to come up with their corrupt plan for power, but let them know - this time, the Macedonian people have their own plan."

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