The 20th anniversary of the death of Boris Trajkovski was marked in front of the "Macedonia" monument in Strumica

The 20th anniversary of the death of President Trajkovski was marked in Strumica / Facebook photo Kosta Kostadinov

In front of the "Macedonia" monument, erected in honor of the tragically killed Macedonian president, Boris Trajkovski, his native Strumica marked the 20th anniversary of his death.

Members of the Trajkovski family, friends, representatives of the local government, political parties and citizens' associations expressed their respect by laying flowers and bowing in front of his monument.

A government delegation led by the Additional Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska, and Kiril Partalov, State Secretary in the Ministry of Local Self-Government laid a wreath in front of the monument.

The 20th anniversary of the death of President Trajkovski was marked in Strumica / Facebook photo Kosta Kostadinov

The mayor of Strumica, Kostadin Kostadinov, spoke about the character and work of President Trajkovski.

- From that February 26, 2004 to today's February 26, 2024, exactly 20 years have passed. Here we stand again in front of the monument erected in his name, in Strumica's City Park, to mark two decades without our fellow citizen and without the second Macedonian president, Boris Trajkovski, with respect and determination. The years pass, but the memory of President Trajkovski will continue to live on, many more times after 20 years. That memory will be eternal, not only for the generations that are his contemporaries, but also for all future Macedonian generations that will hear and read historical truths about the immortal Macedonian president, said Kostadinov.

As part of the commemoration of the anniversary of the death of President Trajkovski, reciters from the Home for Children and Youth "Blagoj Mucheto" from Strumica recited suitable poetry, and the Women's Union under OK VMRO - DPMNE Strumica traditionally planted a tree in the City Park in Strumica.

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