We are making efforts for students to have classes with physical presence this winter, says Bekteshi

School students Macedonia winter

Efforts are being made to meet elementary and secondary schools and to hold classes in the winter period with physical presence, the Minister of Economy said tonight. Kreshnik Bekteshi.

"It is the responsibility of the municipalities, but the children lost a lot during the covid pandemic and now because of the energy crisis it is better to help the schools than to let the children lose a lot." The consumption for the five months, from November to March, for all schools at the state level is about 10 gigawatt hours and we can provide that through ESM and I am convinced that we will find a solution," Bekteshi said in the central daily of Sittel television.

According to his estimates, schools should not have a problem until the end of March.

It is not serious, Bekteshi believes, that 2487 legal entities in the country have not yet concluded contracts for the supply of electricity. Of them, 60 percent are under the jurisdiction of the local government.

- It is not right for schools to be left without an electricity supplier because when you don't have an electricity supplier, and the price on the stock market is 400 euros, they automatically have to pay 600 euros so that the facilities are not left unsupplied with electricity. All legal entities knew the deadlines when their contracts expire, Bekteshi pointed out, adding that the procurement of electricity for schools is the responsibility of the municipalities.

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