Three-month rule: The period you need to figure out if the new partner is for you

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Most people want to find true love, but not everyone succeeds, writes "Diary".

Just as there are trends in everything, there are also trends in dating. That's how it is the three month rule – within three months you have to find out if you are compatible with your partner and if there is a chance that it will be true love.

With the three-month rule, each month of the relationship represents a phase with a specific "task" so that you can assess whether you are compatible with a partner. The point is to test compatibility through shared experiences over a period of time and see if a long-term and healthy relationship with that person is possible.

The first stage, or the first month of the relationship, is a period of acquaintance and conversation to get to know the partner as well as possible. If a couple gets past this stage, they will spend more time together and share experiences that help the partners bond. This is the second phase, also called the month of a new relationship.

Until the beginning of the third month, or the third stage, if the couple has connected enough and if their values ​​and expectations of the relationship match, they will continue the relationship and further deepen it. If they do not match - it will break.

Simply put, within three months you should know your partner well enough to know if he is the one. If not, it is better not to waste time and move on.

Many relationship experts believe that in most cases a period of three months is sufficient time for partners to examine each other's compatibility and relationship expectations. Also, the pressure and pain of breaking up such a short relationship will not be too great, which is also a plus for both parties.

Of course, in some relationships, partners will need more time to understand each other or commit to the relationship. In such cases, if it is clearly communicated with the partner and if it is a joint decision, then it is perfectly fine to take more time because every relationship has a different dynamic and pace of development.

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