VIDEO: Deputies from VMRO-DPMNE demand 1,5 million euros for the construction of an already built school

Photo: Timcho Mutsunski / Facebook/printscreen

14 MPs from the opposition in the Parliament submitted an amendment to the Budget for 2023 with which it is proposed to provide 92.400.000 denars (about 1,5 million euros) for the construction of a modern school with an energy-efficient building "Dimitar Makedonski" in the Lisice neighborhood, writes portal "Locally".


But this school has already been built, and the mayor of the Airport Municipality from VMRO-DPMNE Timcho Mucunski he announced it on Facebook back in February of this year: "From today, students will be able to spend their school days here in a warm atmosphere."

Here are the fourteen MPs who signed the amendment, which the VMRO-DPMNE probably "recycled" from the debates on the Budget in the past years, without checking it.

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