Michael Jackson's famous black hat sold at auction for 77.640 euros

Photo: Geoffroy VAN DER HASSELT / AFP / Profimedia

The famous black hat that Michael Jackson wore it just before performing his legendary moonwalk dance, was sold for 77.640 euros, at an auction in Paris, in the presence of many admirers and curious people, reports "Journal de Montreal".

This silk-lined wool fedora hat was estimated at between €60.000 and €100.000. It was one of 200 items sold at the auction organized by the auction house "Lemon Auction".

"A certain Adam Kelly was at the show on March 25, 1983, when he took this hat, thinking that the singer's staff would come and collect it, but that didn't happen," said Arthur Perot, general manager of the gallery that put the hat on. on sale.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Adam Kelly kept it for several years before selling it to an American collector. The hat later reappears in a European collection.

By the way, bidders also bid on T-Bone Walker's (1910-1975) guitar. The instrument, which was produced in only 22 copies, was sold for 129.400 euros.

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