The identity of the three murdered Serbs in Banjska is known: The locals express their condolences to their families

Photo: Kosovo Online

The identity of the three Serbs who died during the attack on the Kosovo police in which they killed a Kosovo policeman yesterday in the village of Banjska, near Severna Mitrovica, is known.

The Serbian media, citing statements made by local residents, reported that the attackers were part of the local population, local Serbs from the north of Kosovo.

And the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said that local Serbs participated in the attack on the Kosovo police.

Their photos have been published, and the locals are going to their families in large numbers to express their condolences for the death of the three attackers.

Early Sunday morning in the village of Banjska in the municipality of Zvechan in the north of Kosovo, a Kosovo policeman was killed, two were wounded, but their lives are out of danger.

The policeman was killed in an ambush, when the three regular police units from Zvechani, who came to break through the previously placed blockade of two trucks on the bridge at the entrance to the village, were opened fire from automatic weapons.

The shooting and detonations lasted several hours.

Three of the attackers were killed, while around 30 well-armed people were surrounded by strong forces of the Kosovo police, who during the fighting managed to arrest two people from the armed group.

The Serbian authorities, for the time being, avoid publishing the names of the Serbs who died in the armed shootout in the village of Banjska.

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