Positive almost 38 percent of those tested, active 20.856


New 2341 cases of coronavirus are registered in the previous day that is almost 38 percent out of a total of 6.193 people tested. In the moment active ce 20.856 cases of covid-19, mostly in Skopje - 11.390, then in Bitola - 1613 and Prilep - 754. The lowest number of active cases ce observed in Debar - 22 and Dojran - 14.

The Ministry of Health informed that the infectious departments and covid - centers in the country ce hospitalized a total of 576 patients with covid-19 and has 183 free beds. In Kovid - the centers in Skopje in total ce 174 patients were hospitalized, out of which 71 at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, 75 in the CGH "September 8And 28 at the TB Clinic for Lung Diseases.

At the last session of the General Coordination Crisis Staff was the recommendation of the Commission for Infectious Diseases was adopted behind shortening the isolation period after a positive PCR test from ten to seven days. This recommendation was made because of the milder clinical picture caused by the omicron strain. The Crisis Staff submitted the recommendation to the Government and for her need to ce discussed at the next government session.

Since the beginning of coronavirus vaccination in Northern Macedonia, in total ce 864.759 people were vaccinated with at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine in the country and abroad. Data from the Institute of Public Health show that completely vaccinated with two doses ce a total of 841.143 people, and with third dose ce 122.752 people were vaccinated.

The region is also experiencing an increase in positive cases of the virus. In Srbiјa yesterday ce 19.901 new cases were registered, which is a record number of patients in one day in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, and ce the number of hospitalized cases also increases.

The European Union will facilitate travel measures from 1 February in the Member States, ie facilitates free and safe movement. Measures against the spread of infection should ce implement taking it consideration the health status of the individual, not the epidemiological situation in the region from which he comes.

Exception ce "Dark red" areas with a high level of virus circulation. This means that the key determinant of the trip will be the passenger's digital quality certificate, negative test or that he / she has contracted the disease.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country registered ce 259.328 positive individuals of the virus. A total of 1.755.926 covid-19 tests were performed. 230.206 people were healed and 8.266 people died.

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