Firefighters from Tetovo left for Turkey to help with the rescue

Photo: Municipality of Tetovo

Due to the need to find and rescue the people who remained under the ruins as a result of yesterday's earthquake, the Municipality of Tetovo and the Territorial Fire Fighting Unit - Tetovo sent specialized and licensed firefighters for elementary disasters to Turkey, as a sign of solidarity and support with the Turkish people.

"As a sign of solidarity and support, a group of 9 licensed firefighters from the Tetovo Territorial Fire Department, with firefighting and search and rescue equipment, left for the southeastern part of Turkey to help the Turkish people," said Tetovo Municipality.

And yesterday the mayor of Tetovo Municipality Bilal Kasami expressed solidarity with the Turkish people after the devastating earthquake that hit parts of Turkey.

"In these difficult moments, we are with the Turkish people after the devastating earthquake that hit several cities in the southeast of Turkey. Condolences for the lives lost, while we wish the injured a speedy recovery!", Kasami wrote.

In the following days, activities will be organized to collect aid for the Turkish people, announced the Municipality of Tetovo.

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