Battle for Snake Island again

Ukrainian flag on Snake Island/ Photo STR / AFP / Profimedia

The Ukrainian army released a picture of soldiers raising a flag on Snake Island in the Black Sea.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Snake Island has been occupied several times by the Russian and Ukrainian armies.

After the publication of the photo with the Ukrainian flag, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that they had fired a missile at Zmysky Ostrov.

– Around five o'clock in the morning, several Ukrainian soldiers landed on the island and took pictures with the flag. A Russian Air Force aircraft immediately launched high-precision missiles at the Island, which destroyed Ukrainian military personnel. The survivors fled in the direction of the island of Primorskoye in the Odesa region, according to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moscow's claims of an attack on Snake Island have not been independently verified, but local authorities in Odessa have previously reported that Russian forces had fired missiles at Snake Island.

Snake Island is strategically important for both Ukraine and Russia. There are only a few islands in the Black Sea, and Snake Island is located about 200 kilometers south of Odessa, and from it all maritime traffic near Ukraine's largest port city can be controlled. With a long-term occupation of the island, Russia will be able to block almost all exports of goods through the port of Odessa.

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