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Withdraw the words gypsy, whore, fagot and others from the digital interpretive dictionary

After the reaction of the Roma for the insulting words in the digital edition of the Interpretive Dictionary, the Institute for Macedonian Language "Krste Misirkov" withdrew the words gypsies, gypsy, gypsyism and others, whose appearance and interpretation caused revolt and announcement of protest among the Roma community. Apart from these, the words whore, whore, fagot, coward are more common, for which there were reactions in the public and in the media.

The Avaya Association, which reacted angrily to the insulting interpretations, informed that the Government had informed them that they would be withdrawn.

- The Government informs that representatives of the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science contacted the editorial office of the Interpretive Dictionary of the Macedonian language and the expert team of the dictionary immediately showed understanding and agreement to withdraw the words that caused the reactions. The expert team of the dictionary in the coming period will revise the lexemes in the dictionary and will follow a process through which the words in the dictionary will be interpreted appropriately according to the modern linguistic and social context. The government welcomes the proactivity of the community, wrote the executive to Avaya.

Avaya stressed yesterday that "this new or digitized dictionary repeats the same mistake of existing dictionaries that need to be reformed."

Immediately after the promotion, the President of the Roma People's Party, Gege Demirovski, reacted that the dictionary contained scandalous insulting words about the Roma and called on all Roma who are part of the parliamentary majority to leave the government coalition.

- With the new digital dictionary, the Roma received digitalization of insults and anti-Gypsyism.
The Digital Interpretive Dictionary contains 100 words, including Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy, and Gypsy! You have 000 hours to remove it. If it does not go away, I will pick up the Roma from all over Macedonia and Europe - Demirovski announced on Facebook.

In the digital version of the interpretive dictionary for the word are gypsies, it was explained that he explains stinginess from prejudices as a feature of Gypsies and the example "Gypsies are for a penny" was given. Gypsy was explained to mean stinginess and pettiness.

Apart from these words and interpretations, there were also insulting words about women, so it was stated that the word whore also means a woman who committed infidelity. The word was explained to mean a prostitute, a prostitute, and a prostitute, with examples of a cheap whore, a city whore, or a military whore. The second meaning was highlighted by an unfaithful woman, with the example: the whore cheats on him. As a figurative meaning, it was pointed out that it refers to a man who cannot be trusted, that is, to a characterless person, supported by the example: this is a whore Apache.

It is also interesting that in the digital interpretive dictionary there were no words for Shiptar, Cincar or Aegean at all, nor interpretations in which context they are used. On the other hand, in the digital dictionary of the Macedonian language, which has been available for years on the site drmj.eu for the words gypsy and Shiptar, it is stated that they mean derogatory names for Roma and Albanians.

The Institute for Macedonian Language "Krste Misirkov" did not answer the questions of "Free Press" what is their position as an institution of reaction of the Roma community and whether they believe that the language is censored or not. It is also not clear at whose request the other insulting and derogatory words were withdrawn.

Yesterday, the Government promoted the web platform makedonski.gov.mk, on which the Interpretive Dictionary of the Macedonian Language is available. The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the dictionary is available to all who want to use the Macedonian language.

- The web platform, which is owned by the citizens and will be upgraded by the citizens, the academic and scientific community, remains under the professional supervision and development of the Institute of Macedonian Language. The government is here to moderate the technical part of the process and maintain the system. The platform will be further developed together with all scientists, lecturers, Macedonians and other scientists who will be able to regularly update, supplement and change the dictionary, said Zaev, among other things.

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