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Calls for violence after the broadcast of "My Story" on MTV, Tasevski reacts: Do you know where young people move?

Last week, members of the LGBTI Support Center, Safe House, TransForma, Subversive Front and Skopje Queer Center were guests on the Macedonian Radio Television (MTV) show, supported by the European House.

Through a press release from the National Network Against Homophobia and Transphobia This weekend, it was reported that from the very broadcast of the show, the topic, the guests, the hosts, and MTV are attacked by the public, as well as by many media that condemn MTV's decision to show such content on the national public service, but also as The statement said that they were making false allegations that it was part of the agenda of the new educational reform of the Ministry of Education and Science.

One of the guests in the show, David Tasevski, otherwise executive director of the Subversive Front - Association of Sexual and Gender Minorities, shared with the public via Facebook a status related to hate speech after the broadcast of the eponymous episode of "My Story", and In addition, we convey it to you in full:

"I see you, very worried about yesterday's show, how it could have gone in" hit time ", so you are announcing us with names and surnames and inciting violence.
Surely, as concerned as you are, those pedophiles in the Public Room case who shared pictures and numbers of girls, and those who beat their wives at home, were worried, so they said to themselves, he talks about LGBTI on national television, "so they turned their heads, and continued to rape and beat. But they are not gay, but "yours", so that does not worry you, right? This is normal for you, so look for the guilt in the girls. You are disgusting!
In the meantime, also teach your children to slap on the street, continue to slap them, and then answer in astonishment that you do not know why they are aggressive. Keep voting for characters who have ruined your families, and brought you to the point where you can not push through the month.
Continue to run after parties to get a job in the administration, and continue to give 12 thousand euros for treatment in private hospitals because you do not trust the state. Keep watching the number of cancer patients grow due to the pollution and destruction of the city - but now the MOC is giving money, so that is ok, because they are religious.
Of course, you will continue to see exactly how young people move, at a pace at which we can calculate approximately in which year the country will remain empty.
And young people, whether they see the "hit term" or not, do you know where they are moving? In the systems in which LGBTI issues have long been overcome, they will have to respect every fellow citizen because for every reckless step and sowing hatred, there are penalties. And here, in the meantime, while the country is empty, we will emulate the societies where they are still stoned and thrown from the roofs on the street. "But you do not go on vacation there, and you do not want to move, do you?"

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