More than half of the citizens think that Macedonia is not dealing with the energy crisis

Almost half of the Macedonian citizens, i.e. 49,1 percent, the monthly budget they have is not enough to cover their basic monthly living needs, according to the latest poll by Detektor, broadcast on television. Sitel.

According to her, over 80% of those surveyed say that their family's expenses increased last year. 54,4% say that they had a lot of increased expenses and 28,3% somewhat increased. Without major changes, 13,4% of those surveyed say that they have passed, 1,5% say that they had somewhat reduced expenses, and no one felt a very large reduction.

According to the survey, 57,9% of those surveyed are of the opinion that we are not ready to deal with the energy crisis, while 32,6% share the opinion that we are ready.

The analysis of the ethnic structure of the respondents on this question shows that Albanians are more optimistic than Macedonians. The majority of Albanians are of the opinion that we are ready to deal with the crisis. 61,5% of Macedonians and 44,4% of ethnic Albanians are convinced that we are not ready for the crisis, while readiness was registered by 28,5% of Macedonians and 47% of ethnic Albanians.

The survey of public opinion for the needs of the Detector show was conducted by the Institute for Political Research - Skopje (IPIS) on a representative sample of 1.119 respondents through a telephone survey conducted in the period from December 23 to 26.

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