More than half of the scanned bills are with a maximum of 1.800 denars

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The next payment will be made in February 2023 for scanned accounts in the last quarter of 2022, and the increased amount of MKD 2.100 should be applied from January 1

More than half of the citizens who scanned bills managed to reach the maximum three-month value added tax refund amount of MKD 1.800. The IRS announced that the VAT refund amount will increase to MKD 2.100. The amendments to the Law on the return of a part of the value added tax to natural persons should be adopted after a shortened procedure and have been put on the agenda of a parliamentary session, but it is an open question when it will be voted on.

- In December 2022, a part of the value added tax was paid to the citizens, for the fiscal accounts they scanned in the third quarter, that is, in July, August and September 2022. For this quarter, 399.468 citizens were paid part of the VAT, and of these, 229.882 citizens were paid the maximum payment amount of 1.800 denars - the Public Revenue Administration told "Sloboden Pechat".

From there they say that the next payment will be made in February 2023 for scanned accounts in the last quarter of 2022 (October, November and December).

In view of the rise in prices and the increase in the upper limit of refund money, we asked if there are plans to increase the upper limit in the fiscal account that can be scanned.

- With regard to Article 4 item 1 of the Law on the refund of part of the VAT to natural persons, where it is established that the right to refund the tax is not exercised for a fiscal account whose total turnover exceeds MKD 30.000, no changes are foreseen - they answered us from the IRS.

The right to refund the tax refers to the value added tax expressed in the fiscal invoices for purchased goods or used services, issued in accordance with the Law on registration of cash payments. The refund of the part of the value added tax calculated on the turnover of Macedonian goods and services is carried out in the amount of 20 percent, and for the rest - 10 percent of the calculated tax expressed in an individual fiscal account.

"With the adoption of this draft law, no significant implications are expected on the Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia", it is written in the proposal for legal amendments.

The highest amount for the refund of part of the tax – 2.100 denars, will be applied to the fiscal invoices issued from January 1, 2023.

Individuals who meet the following conditions have the right to a refund of part of the value added tax: they are over 15 years of age; have an identity card or passport; are registered on the system for electronic calculation of income and tax (EPPD) and have a transaction account with a payment transaction holder.

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