More than 1.000 Harvard students protested at the graduation ceremony

Harvard / SP Photo Archive

Over 1.000 students protested at Harvard University's graduation ceremony in the US over the university's administration's decision not to award degrees to students who participated in pro-Palestinian protests.

They left the ceremony chanting "Free Palestine," after the announcement by the Harvard administration.

One of the organizers of the student protest, Shruti Kumar, told US media that 13 students should be among the graduates in 2024, explaining that more than 1.500 students and about 500 university professors and staff had collected signatures for these students to receive their degrees. Kumar noted that they are deeply disappointed by the university administration's attitude towards freedom of expression and the right to civil disobedience.

One of the 13 students who were prevented from receiving their degrees, Asmer Asrar Safi, said the punishment shows how far Harvard can go to please its donors.

Although we will not be able to return to this University, we hope that our friends will keep the legacy of the Gaza Solidarity Camp alive, Safi said.

Harvard's board of trustees said 13 students violated university policy during the pro-Palestinian protest by their behavior and announced that they will not be awarded their degrees.

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