Confirmed: Obesity weakens the immune response to the coronavirus

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New research revises body mass index (BMI), which is a sign of obesity. Even people with mild obesity are among those most at risk of developing severe forms of covid-19. 

A year and a half after the outbreak of the pandemic, several scientific studies have confirmed that overweight people, even when the excess is not pronounced, are at greater risk of developing severe forms of covid-19 that can be fatal. That is, the more excess weight is observed, the greater the risk of exposure to coronavirus infection. This is also confirmed by reports of patients in intensive care. Apart from age, the studies conclude, obesity is the most significant risk factor as well as diseases caused by obesity, such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

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The role of obesity as a risk factor for patients infected with covid-19 has been identified in the early months of last year, with several studies highlighting the link between the more severe consequences of infection and higher mortality. In the first months of the pandemic, research was based on a limited number of cases. Researchers at the University of Bologna were among the first to propose a link between the risk factor for obesity and the more severe forms of covidium-19 in a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. body mass index (BMI) greater than 19 showed an increased risk of developing respiratory failure, requiring intensive care or death. "All levels of obesity are associated with the development of more severe forms of covid-30," said Matteo Rotoli, the surgeon who co-ordinated the study. Researchers from the University Hospital of Parma came to the same conclusion, and the results of their work were published in the journal Obesity Heart.

Recent research suggests that in Europe the mortality rate or worse prognosis is up to ten times higher in countries where more than one in three adults are overweight or obese. But how does obesity affect the outcome of the disease? The possibilities being considered today are: obesity weakens the immune response to viral infections and causes changes in lung function. Furthermore, in obese patients there is an increase in the synthesis of proinflammatory cytokines, hence the reduced immune response and difficulty in treating the infection.

Risks even with moderate thickness

New research goes so far as to state exactly what body mass index (BMI) is a sign of obesity. A value between 30 and 35 BMI identifies a mild obesity condition. These are guidelines that today come from a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, designed to identify the categories most at risk of developing severe covid-19 forms. The criteria indicate that a BMI greater than 40 corresponds to a severe obesity level. However, new results from the Bologna study suggest that this figure should be revised downwards.

"Even people suffering from mild obesity are among those most at risk," the study said.

The pandemic emphasized and redefined the problem of obesity in the world, Europe, and of course in our country. This problem has caused many people to reconsider their lifestyle and diet. Also note that the pandemic has brought us a reduction in physical activity (especially during home isolation), so doctors emphasize that our eating habits need to change drastically! Many of them already agree that the protein diet and diets that exclude sugars and carbohydrates are the most suitable in the fight against weight, but also in the fight against covid-19.

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