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The cause of death of Prince Philip has been confirmed

Almost a month after his death, it was confirmed that Prince Philip, the husband of British Queen Elizabeth по, had died…

The 99-year-old prince died of old age, confirmed the doctors, and transmitted "The Telegraph".

He signed the death certificate Sir Hove Thomas, Head of the Royal Medical Service.

The expression "Age" in the UK is acceptable as a cause of death if the patient is older than 80 years and if the doctor personally cared for that person for a long time, knowing full well his health condition, reports "The Telegraph".

Sir Hove Thomas took care of the health of the Duke of Edinburgh and the queen Elizabeth one March 2014, XNUMX

The Prince Philip in June it would be full 100 years, and in recent years he has been tortured more health problems. He from public duties retreat in March 2017, XNUMX

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