The shocking life story of the ABBA singer: Born as a result of a Nazi experiment, stamped with a swastika


Various monstrous ideas were born during the dark ages of World War II. Among other things, the Lebensborn project was founded in 1935, which was a kind of "incubator" of new races of tall, strong, blond and blue-eyed people.

Heinrich Himmler founded the Lebensborn Association in order to flood the world with the Aryan race in a few years. One of Lebensborn's babies is Frida Lingstad.

The children came from all over Europe - from Germany, Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and were to represent the "best examples of the newly created race" and receive the "best possible upbringing". In this project, Frida Lingstad or Annie-Fried, the singer of the cult group "ABBA", was born, who was born as a child from the relationship between the 19-year-old beautiful Norwegian Blue and the married German officer Alfred Haase. It was later revealed that this was a brief affair, and the German seduced Sini by giving her a few potatoes - this food was literally a luxury at the time.

PHOTO | "ABBA", 50 years later: How the female part survived great tragedies, divorces, disintegration of the group ... - Free Press

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As expected, after the break-up of Germany and the fall of Hitler, things got complicated for everything related to Nazism, and Frieda and her mother were branded traitors and subjected to horrific rejection and harassment by society. Frieda was under tremendous pressure. When Frieda was a child, a local fisherman stabbed her in the swastika with a knife, which she removed with difficulty in the following years.

Blue, paralyzed by fear, emigrated with her mother and two-year-old Frida to Sweden, but soon after arriving there, she died and the singer was raised by her grandmother. Frieda was deeply traumatized by her own origins. Interestingly, she met her father in 1977. However, it was a short-lived calm, for three decades Frieda dealt with the fact that she was a child of the accredited Lebensborn project, and the forgiveness of her father, whom she did not know, was beyond the scope of her emotional abilities.

- How to get back everything that happened to me. I cried for hours afterwards. Maybe it would have been different if I were a child. It is difficult when you get a father, and you are 32 years old. "I can not relate to him and love him as I would if I grew up next to him," Frieda said shortly after the meeting, and soon cut off all contact with her father, noting that "she prefers to spend time with people she there is no contact. "

PHOTO | "ABBA", 50 years later: How the female part survived great tragedies, divorces, disintegration of the group ... - Free Press

Photo: Profimedia

The plight of Frida, who for decades had been desperate for her own descent, was less than that of any other child born of the crazy idea of ​​racial superiority, with between 10.000 and 12.000.