Spice Girls' Mel B's Shocking Confession: People Thought I Had Millions, But I Shopped at Lidl


The British singer Mel B (48) spoke of the time she was left with just £700 in her bank account and had to "start from scratch" after leaving an abusive partner, it says "metro".

The former member of the group "Spice Girls" said that she slept with her three children in the same bed and that she shopped in markets such as "Liddle" after the collapse of her ten-year marriage with Stephen Belafonte.

The couple got married in 2007, after which they had a daughter Madison (12). The singer also has a 25-year-old daughter Phoenix (25), with her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, and the daughter Agell (16), which she received during her brief relationship with the acting legend Eddie Murphy.

Mel B has accused her ex-husband of mental, emotional and financial abuse, but he has denied the allegations.

After the divorce in 2018, the singer returned to her hometown of Leeds and moved into her mother's house Andrea, together with the children. Now, for the first time, she spoke about the difficulties she faced during that period of her life.

"People assumed I had money because I was part of the Spice Girls." But after performing in front of thousands of people at Wembley at the Spice Girls reunion in 2019, I decided to live at my mum's house and sleep with the kids in the same bed. "I didn't expect this to happen to me in my 40s after such a successful career, but I had nowhere to go," she said.

Spice Girls / Photo: Derry / MirrorPix / Profimedia

She also said she was forced to "pick up the pieces of her life" after a divorce and custody battle left her with just £700 in her bank account.

Mel explained that she had to make significant changes to her spending habits and secretly shopped at discount stores, despite reportedly amassing a fortune of £38,3 million.

"I hadn't bought a pint of milk in Los Angeles in years, but at home I bought in bulk at Costco and stores like Aldi and Lidl," she continued.

However, she said people didn't even notice her in their local supermarket because it was the time of the coronavirus and she, like everyone else, was wearing a mask.

Fortunately, she was soon back on her feet.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte / Photo: Celebrity Monitor, PacificCoastN / Pacific coast news / Profimedia

The singer previously revealed that she often talks to her daughters about "trust" following her split from Belafonte.

"I was so embarrassed, I was too ashamed to endure the abuse. But when I got out of that relationship, all the Spice Girls were there for me. They kept calling me, I went to them, it was very nice. I was very relieved when I finally spoke about it."

"I thought my career would be over if I spoke openly about it in my book, which I had no intention of publishing at first. But my daughter said, 'Think about how many women have gone through this.' I'm not the only one, it's a real epidemic. It's a good thing I did it.''

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