The origin of the mutation is unknown: A completely new Omicron vaccine may be needed

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Covid vaccine / Photo: EPA-EFE

The modified vaccine against the new version of the coronavirus omicron will be ready in a few months. This is predicted by the chairman of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STICO) Tomak Mertenz.

"The production process may require 3 to 6 months of laboratory testing before an effective vaccine against omicron and delta strains can be developed," he told German media. Facts.

After the completion of the laboratory tests, the approval procedure will begin. But a brand new omicron vaccine may be needed.

"The question is whether the authorities will want completely new laboratory tests or choose a faster approval procedure," Mertenz said.

According to the head of STICO, it is quite possible that a new vaccine against the mutation will be needed.

In omicron, there are many changes in the spike protein that can make it harder for antibodies to fight the virus. Nevertheless, all citizens must receive a booster dose, Mertenz emphasizes. The fight against the delta strain continues. "And it will not be a problem to vaccinate again a few months after the booster, to protect ourselves from omicron," he added.

Meanwhile, the origin of the omicron remains unclear.

The chairman of the German vaccination commission has spoken out against the stigmatization of South Africa, where omicron was registered for the first time.

- Sequencing in South Africa is very professional, that's why omicron was discovered there. No one knows where this strain really came from. It is most likely caused by a mutation in the body of immunocompromised individuals, in whom, due to the lack of a protective reaction, the virus spreads for a long time and violently.

The new mutation has caused unrest around the world, but according to the German expert, it is too early to say what effect it will have on the pandemic. The main concern is that due to the many mutations, the omicron variant can be transmitted more slowly and be resistant to vaccines. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Ugur хahin's company and his wife Jozlem Turaçi are already conducting laboratory tests on the new version and working on a modified vaccine, as well as a special vaccine. The first results of the research, which started last Thursday, are still not available, says the director of Biontek.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Shahin says that after vaccination, the body produces antibodies and T cells that provide immune protection. Although new features may confuse antibodies, T cells continue to provide protection against serious diseases. It is almost impossible for one strain to bypass both protective mechanisms.

And American experts, such as the immunologist and adviser to the president, Anthony Fauci, insist that vaccination is necessary.


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