Last goodbye: Today candles will be lit for Aki on Macedonia Square

Aki Rahimovski
Aki Rahimovski / Photo: Printscreen / Facebook

Today, the day before his funeral in Zagreb, Skopje will send his fellow citizen and friend, the legendary frontman of the group "Parni Valjak" and the best rock vocalist in the wider region - Aki Rahimovski.

Aki died on January 22 at the age of 67 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Due to epidemiological constraints, Aki's last farewell is organized in the City Square, on the lawn in front of "Pelister", where a book of mourning will be opened and his songs will be heard. All friends, fans of his music and admirers of his work will be able to write in the book of mourning, lay flowers or light a candle in honor of our Aki.

The main gathering is planned from 18:19 to 30:XNUMX when choirs, singers and friends together, to say goodbye, will sing some of the biggest hits of "Parni Valjak".

"I's grieving our street from the tub where you are

"Let those who remain ту sue the song"

The last goodbye with Aki Rahimovski organized by Radio Bubamara with the support of KLS Sound and the City of Skopje.

"In the City Square we will hear the song" If I make a mistake, let me burn "on Pepi Baftirovski, which Aki with piano accompaniment he recorded it five years ago in the studio of "Tavitian Brothers". This is his last recording with us. "This week, this song is being broadcast as a hit on Bubamara Radio," said the organizer.

Aki Rahimovski was born in Nis in 1955, but grew up in Skopje and started his music education there. After arriving in Zagreb, he was a member of several groups, before meeting the guitarist and composer Husein Hasanefendic Hus, with whom he founded the first line-up of the group "Parni Valjak" in 1975.

Aki Rahimovski will be buried on Thursday in Zagreb.

Aki Rahimovski had a daughter with a 27-year-old Slovenian

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