Marina Tucakovic's last wish

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After the fight with the serious illness, yesterday, at the age of 67, the most famous Yugoslav and then Serbian songwriter Marina Tucakovic died.

Tucakovic wrote numerous hits for the biggest stars of the music scene of the former Yugoslavia. She was also a member of the jury in the music shows "Operation Triumph" and "Pink Stars".

Marina was born on November 4, 1953 in Belgrade. Her life was marked by numerous happy moments, but also great tragedies, and she lived them all with the support and love of her husband Aleksandar Futa Radulovic.

Radulovic confirmed the news of her death to Serbian media.


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- It's true. Do not ask me anything. Thank you for your understandingsaid Radulovic.

After some encouraging news lately, that her health is improving, followed the saddest - Marina failed to deal with the disease.


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According to some Serbian media, Marina's last wish was to be buried next to her son Milos in the New Cemetery in Belgrade, and not in the Alley of Merited Citizens.


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Let us recall that 13 years ago, on December 1, Marina lost her son Milos Radulovic. Marina found Milos dead in the family house in central Belgrade, and he was buried three days later in the New Cemetery. The son of Marina and Aleksandar Futa Radulovi по died suddenly, and Marina spoke only once about her most painful day in life.

Marina Tucakovic lost the battle after a long and severe illness at the age of 67. The most famous Serbian songwriter spent the last days in the KBC Dragisa Misovic, where she was transferred after she fell ill on Tuesday, September 14, when she was put on a respirator, and she was positive for the coronavirus.

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