After a long period Tetovo Municipality with preventive activities against landslides towards Banjice

Photo: Facebook/Tetovo Municipality

A retaining wall of 120 meters in length and 4,50 meters in height is being built towards the recreational site of Banjinje along the Pena river opposite the hydropower plant. The goal is to prevent erosive processes along this road direction, which have been more frequent in the past few years after every torrential rain.

"This road direction will no longer be problematic for citizens who use it for walking and recreation. This is another useful project for the citizens worth 14 million denars, thanking the UNDP for its continuous support. When others left the city and the citizens at risk, we turn it into a safe place, with real infrastructure, capital and development investments, " boasted the municipal authorities.

The citizens welcomed the project, which according to them is overdue, and as they say, construction started exactly when the citizens are mostly using this recreational zone, which is unique in Tetovo.

"Finally something good to do for the city." This road direction was really risky, there were many landslides, large stones and drifts came down from above", says a resident of Tetovo who often uses this road direction.

"The road was reconstructed and widened several years ago. From as long as I can remember until today, there is dust and erosion in this place. We go up to breathe clean air, not to swallow dust and fear for our lives. That road was certainly reconstructed with certain gaps, that's why there are erosions, but also it took a long time to repair the problem", says another resident of Tetovo.

The road and the pedestrian zone to Banjice were renovated and widened five years ago. Even then, geologists warned that the section was expanding at the expense of the mountain with very steep slopes, which could cause erosion processes.

Photo: Free Press

It happened to her in just one year. Landslides were constantly falling on the road, and the terrain was protected from possible landslides in several places by small retaining walls.

Photo: Free Press

The previous local government in the most risky places made the so-called cascade systems, in order to protect the area from erosion processes. But these measures did not prove to be effective. It was in the places of the cascade systems that large landslides occurred.

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