The postman doesn't ring even once!

Vesna Damcevska
Vesna Damcevska. / Photo: Free Press

The post office is littered with bags of parcels that no one delivers, citizens do not receive documents or products for which they have paid for months, the elderly are wandering about utility bills... the only thing that the post office delivers is losses and paid bonuses for the directors at the expense of the state!

Have you heard of a country without a post office? And what does that say about a country that doesn't have a post office? A lot! It happens to us and - everyone is silent. Directors are changing, prices for postal services are increasing, and citizens are left without their parcels, without letters and without important documents. Many are also left without utility bills. Not everyone is digitally literate, and everyone has the right to choose how they want to receive their bill.

The situation in the Post Office is more than chaotic. Eyewitnesses of the "disintegration" told "Sloboden Pechat" that the post office was buried by piles of bags full of some kind of parcels. Users who ordered something that was supposed to arrive by mail, after responding to the person who sold them the product, usually get a response: Your package arrived at your post office a long time ago. That "a long time ago" in this case, by default, means that several months have passed! So what does one's parcel do in the post office for two or three months? And will the customer who paid for something get his package?

On the other hand, different news arrives from the Post Office. From the fact that their parcel redistribution system was broken to the fact that there are no postmen. The top of everything is that the most persistent citizens managed to enter the building, so they could search for their parcels themselves! Unauthorized, non-official people entering the post office?! Are the authorities and postal officials aware that everything is sent through the post? But simply put, if they were aware, this would not have happened to us.

In certain areas, there are no postmen at all. When a postman retires or quits, the area he "covered" regularly remains empty, underserved, without a new postman for far too long. "Sloboden Pechat" also asked an official question about how this problem is solved. We didn't get an answer, but that's why, shortly on the street that we pointed out as an example where the mail has not been delivered for a long time, suddenly piles of parcels arrived at the buildings - piled up at the entrances, mixed up, in which there were also parcels that were supposed to arrive at completely different addresses …

In this chaos, when the country is left with no post office and no postmen, grown people are wandering around utility company counters, looking for their bills and going to pay them. This is a mirror of the ugly reality in which not only the non-operation of the post office is reflected, but also the concern for one's own people.

And about the situation in the post itself, one can write feuilletons. The last financial report from an independent auditor is for 2021. He shows a loss of 2,85 million euros and it is almost double the one in 2020 when it was 1,5 million euros. And that it is not known who drinks or who pays, this short excerpt from the audit report also speaks: "The company has registered other claims based on claims from thefts, claims from employees, claims based on agreements, as well as claims for suspicious and disputed interests in the net amount of 117.499.000 denars (2,9 million euros, n.z.)".

Let us recall the last report of the State Audit Office. It says there that as of December 31.12.2018, 10, Posta AD has an accumulated loss of 1.4.2018 million euros. But that didn't stop her from paying huge sums for management insurance through an insurance company. According to the report, management insurance was paid for the period from 1.4.2019 to 2.760.000 in the total amount of 45.000 denars, or about 89,5 euros, for seven directors, who simultaneously make up the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. These directors are chosen by the Government, they receive a salary, and management insurance allows them, if death or permanent disability does not occur, to transfer 5.700 percent of the money paid by the Post Office to them as bonuses, the auditor explained. Or, each of these seven directors received an average annual bonus based on management insurance of XNUMX euros!

Thus, slowly but surely the post office reached what it is now. No one cared about her work, everyone about their own pocket. The post office is collapsing, for years, if not decades, plans for its privatization have been forged, as always when the state fails to manage a company of state interest. Practice, on the other hand, shows that most of the post offices in Europe are state-owned, just like ours, only that there the state successfully manages them, so they also make profits.

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