Lenten recipe for St. Nicholas - rice and leek pie

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Saint Nicholas is approaching, so plan your menu in time so that you have time to prepare everything.
Saint Nicholas is celebrated by most Macedonians, and those who do not celebrate it, go to someone's house as a guest. Considering that it falls on December 19, and during that period is the Christmas fast and the festive table must be lean. When it comes to lean food, sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration for what to prepare, so we have chosen for you a pie that will delight every guest.

In addition to fish and lean salads and cakes, think about the baked goods, that is, the delicious pies and gibanici, which are one of the most popular on the holiday table.


– 750 grams of rind for gibanica
– 5 sprigs of leek
- 1 cup of rice
– 1 small cup of oil
– 1 cup of sour water
– dry herbal spice
- pepper and salt


Clean and wash the leek and cut it into small circles. Fry it in oil, add a little salt and dry herbs. Boil the rice, drain it, then add it to the leeks, season with a little pepper and mix.

Sprinkle each crust with pickled water and stuff the entire crust. Arrange the peels in a greased tray and so on until you have used them all. Do not fill the last crust, but just sprinkle it with oil and pickled water. Put the pie in a preheated oven and bake it at a moderate temperature for about 35 minutes.

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