Poroshenko: The authorities prevented me from leaving Ukraine

Poroshenko / Photo: Profimedia

Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko said authorities prevented him from leaving the country this morning in what it said was a "politically motivated attempt to disrupt his activities".

Poroshenko, who led Ukraine from 2014 to 2019 and is now an opposition lawmaker, released a video from the border crossing with Poland and said he was prevented from leaving the country, despite what he said was official permission, which he showed in the video .

Due to martial law, Ukrainian officials must have a special permit to travel abroad.

Ukrainian Parliament Deputy Speaker Oleksandr Korniyenko later confirmed that he had revoked Poroshenko's permission to leave the country. Kornienko said that while lawmakers are allowed to travel to party political events, he received a letter, which he could not elaborate on, that forced him to cancel Poroshenko's travel permit.

Poroshenko said he planned to travel to Poland to help negotiate an end to the truckers' border blockade, and then to the United States to lobby for support for the Ukrainian war effort.

Along with the video, he wrote a message accusing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's government of revoking his license and claiming it was a political decision before the election.

"This is an anti-Ukrainian diversion. "It is not only an obstruction of the diplomatic work of my entire team, but, unfortunately, it is an attack on Ukraine's defense capabilities," Poroshenko wrote.

Poroshenko, who heads the opposition European Solidarity party, is a prominent critic of Zelenskiy's government, and the two fought a bitter, often deeply personal battle in the 2019 presidential election, when Zelenskiy won.

Zelenski said last month that "it is not time" to hold presidential elections, which under normal circumstances should be called for March 2024, but their holding is prohibited under martial law.

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