Porcelain doll: Lidija Vukicevic with an incredible transformation

Photo: Instagram

Actress Lidija Vukicevic on her Instagram profile constantly posts photos where she looks perfect, she is always wearing make-up and in them we can see how tight and beautifully shaped her body is.

Because the actress wants extremely strong make-up, this time she missed the trust of the popular make-up artist Stefan Subotic, who is otherwise known for his extreme transformations.

The make-up artist shared her photo on her Instagram profile and we can only say one thing - every honor!

"A woman who is a rare example of someone for whom age is nothing at all. "Young spirit, positive energy, beauty that captivates and again energy, energy, energy м I love you," he wrote.

We have not had the opportunity to see her like this before, and it is interesting that she also wears impressive jewelry, such as a princess or a porcelain doll!

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