Defeats of the Macedonian taekwondo players at the World Championship in Baku

photo: Macedonian Taekwondo Federation

The best Macedonian taekwondo player Dejan Georgievski experienced elimination at the start of world Cup which takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In a hellish competition of 50 best taekwondo fighters from the world, the team of our Deki hoped that everything would go to the end on Sunday.

Georgievski in the +87 kg category. was free in the first round, and in the fight for placement in the round of XNUMX, he lost to the competitor from Afghanistan Ali Akbar Amiri (2: 2, 3: 7).

The semi-final pairs in this category are known: Carlos Sansores (Mexico) – Emre Kutalmish Atesli (Turkey) and Sheikh Salah Cisse (Ivory Coast) – Paško Božić (Croatia).

The Macedonian taekwondo player performed in the women's competition Mila Reljic in the second round in the 62 kg category. lost to the world champion, the Russian Lilia Kuzhina (4:13, 1:13) who performed under "Individual Neutral Team".

Kuzhina later won the gold medal after triumphing over the Brazilian Caroline Santos in the final with 6:2 and 8:6. Elia Powell (Great Britain) and Feruza Sadikova (Uzbekistan) won bronze medals in this category.

Reljic's next appearance will be at the European Olympic Games in Krakow, Poland at the end of the month.

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